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Redeeming Light

Sarah Jane McKinney takes over her father’s cattle ranch on the Texas Coast following his tragic death. After a harrowing cattle drive, she sells off the herd saving only the breed stock. Amid this turmoil Sarah finds herself distracted by her uncle’s young law apprentice, Frederick Chessher. In order to court Sarah, Frederick must end his relationship with another girl. He leaves Sarah not knowing that a great storm is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. While Sarah and her family seek refuge in the Bolivar Point Lighthouse, Frederick rushes back to her. Will he make it to Sarah in time, or will he be claimed by the storm like thousands of others?


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Chapter 19

“I can’t believe it’s you” The man wore a long French riding coat, a tweed newsboy cap, goggles and a smile the size of Texas.

“Miss McKinney, I’ve found you.” Frederick Chessher exuded with pride, shucking the leather gloves from his hands.

When he stood right in front of Sarah he pulled the goggles off revealing those emerald green eyes that haunted her dreams. Then she remembered what he’d done and scowled at him.

“Frederick Chessher! What were you thinking?”

“Well, I….”

“You scared the cattle out of their wits!”

“I certainly didn’t…”

“Were you trying to start a stampede? Do you have any idea how bad that could have been?” Sarah had finished her rant.

“No! ” Frederick raised his hands in defense. “I…I didn’t, I don’t! I mean…I’m sorry!” Struggling to get his words out, every ounce of confidence seemed to melt out of the man.

Sarah detected something in his eyes. Was it remorse, or perhaps regret? His composure revealed that he had no idea what he’d done. Her expression softened as she glanced at Frederick, then at his automobile and then back at him.

“Frederick, what in the world are you doing here?”

He leaned his head to the side. “Why, I was looking for you, of course.”

“Looking for me? But why?” Sarah’s face revealed her confusion. She held up her hands in question.

“Why? Because I wanted to see you, that’s why.” Frederick took her hands into his. “I needed to know you were all right. I was concerned about you being out here…all alone.”

Sarah couldn’t fathom what had come over him. “As you can see, I’m far from being alone.” She swept her hand out toward the others. “I have all these people with me, not to mention all the cattle.”

“I suppose you’re right about that.” Frederick chuckled and Sarah joined him. Suddenly his face became serious. “It was my hope to ride up on my steel horse and rescue you. I’d be the knight in shining armor and you would be the damsel in distress.”

Sarah took a step back. Her eyebrows came together as she stared at him. “Look, I do just fine all by myself. I don’t need anyone to rescue me…especially not you.”

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About Annette

Annette O’Hare is an award-winning inspirational author living in Southeast Texas with her husband, Dan of thirty-four years. The O’Hares enjoy saltwater fishing on the Gulf Coast and spending time with family. Annette’s love for the history and heritage of her home state shines through in her writing. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers and ACFW Writers On The Storm, Annette’s desire is to reveal God’s love to her readers and hopefully give them a laugh or two. The O’Hare’s are the proud parents of three grown children and two loveable rescue dogs.