Friday’s Feature with Connie Queen

Justice Undercover

Keeping her true identity a secret

is the only way to stay alive.

Going undercover as a nanny brings presumed-dead ex-US Marshal Kylie Stone closer to catching the man who murdered the witness in her protection—and also killed Texas Ranger Luke Dryden’s sister. When someone tries to kidnap the twins in her care, Kylie must tell their uncle the truth…and convince Luke to help her. But will revealing her identity put all their lives at stake?

Thank you for being here today, Connie. Your new book sounds very intriguing.  I have a few questions for you so let’s get started.

Tell us about your favorite character in your new book.

I love my villain. To me, it’s creates a slew of challenges when the bad guy is someone the community loves, especially if he’s respectable in many aspects of his life. Hal Alcott is a businessman who donates to charities, well-dressed and friendly. You know, someone you’d like to have as a neighbor. But he has a dark side that my heroine knows all too well.

How important are reviews to authors?

Since this is my debut, I’m not certain, but I’ve heard they are important to reaching readers. I don’t know if the number of 5-star ratings is as important the total number of reviews.

Do you read the reviews and comments of your readers?

I have so far… After I receive my one-star review, I may change my mind.

How much of yourself do you put into your books?

Well, I’m afraid of heights so I won’t be scaling the side of a cliff like my heroine. But my husband was reading a scene the other night and started laughing. I asked him what was funny and his response, “That sounds just like something you’d say.”

Some people believe being a published author is glamorous, is that true?

This week is the release of my debut book, so yeah, I’d say it’s extremely exciting. Today, I gonna go to the store and see my book for the first time which is surreal.

But the frustration, self-doubt, and rejection are also a part of that package.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Most of the authors I read today are Love Inspired Suspense so I can get the feel/tone of the books. I started off reading Catherine Coulter, Jude Devereaux, and Phyllis Whitney.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

There are not short cuts. Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep submitting.

What is your writing schedule like?

I’d like to say I sit down at the same time everyday to write, but it’s not true. I’m still learning what works best for me. So far, mornings are more conducive to critiques, blogs, and research. Mid-to late afternoon I’m more energetic and my brain is more cooperative to write the story.

If you could do anything else, what would it be?

I’m happy with staying at home writing. But if I ever wanted to do another career, I would do it. Maybe one day I’ll decide to build houses.

What is your favorite genre of books to read?

I love suspense and westerns by Louis Lamour.



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About Connie

Connie Queen spent her life in Texas where she met and married her high-school sweetheart. Together they’ve raised eight children and are enjoying their grandchildren. As a child, Connie remembers her mom and sisters reading, but she preferred to be outside. It wasn’t until later, she found the joy of being whisked away into another world. Today she resides in Nebraska with her husband, and Nash, her Great Dane, where she’s working on her next suspense.

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Feature with Connie Queen”

  1. Congratulations on your debut, Connie. I already have my copy and am looking forward to it. I loved reading about your villain in your interview! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Congratulations on your debut, Connie! I can’t imagine anyone giving this book less than five stars. A killer on the loose, a Texas Ranger, an ex-US Marshall, and twin toddlers…what more could you ask for? Good job!

  3. Connie, it’s great to learn more about you. House building as another career? Interesting. I’ve always thought remodeling a Victorian house would be a good challenge.

    What an experience to see YOUR BOOK on a shelf! Yay! Wishing you all the fun and excitement of celebrating your dream come true. Blessings!

  4. I’m glad to be here.

    I dread the one starts reviews. If I could pick, I’d choose “I don’t like these kinds of books” over “I no long need sleep aids since I can just read Connie’s book.” LOL.

    Thanks for having me today!

  5. Thank you for being here today, Connie. I can’t wait to read your book. I love reading a suspense when I find myself rooting for the villain! And as for those one star reviews…ouch. They hurt. I’ve only had one but it taught me how to get tough. It was left with a comment that said he/she doesn’t like “these kinds of books”. It’s part of being a writer, but definitely not the fun part! Congratulations again on your debut release!

    • I’m glad to be here.

      I dread the one star reviews. If I could pick, I’d choose, “I don’t like these kinds of books” over, “I no longer need a sleep aid when I can just read Connie’s book.” LOL.

      Thank you for having me.


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