Tuesday’s Teaser with Judy DuCharme

Blood Moon Redemption

by Judy Ducharme


Tassie is driven. She’s an up and coming lawyer, and though she loves her parents, she wants no part of her mother’s study of Columbus and a relic for which she was named. Omar is charming and smooth. Although Tassie senses something underneath Omar’s charm, she ignores it to her hurt. Hector is a strange, unkempt little man that comes into Tassie’s life at the most inopportune times until she’s desperate.

Tassie is kidnapped and may well be a pawn in a terrorist plot. How does she alert others to the danger and why can she not just shout it out? How will she escape? Will she escape? Her brother comes to the game late – will he be able to find her? Can they stop the plot?

Tassie and her family need to come to grips with the reality of the blood moon prophecies and what God has planned for their lives. Omar must face the One who pursues him.

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“Tassie, this man asked for you.”

Tassie held up one finger as she finished writing her closing remarks. I need to practice this. Almost have this thought down.

“Miss Stevens?”

“Uh-huh, Uh-huh.” Tassie nodded. Satisfied she had the wording correct, she looked up. “Yes?”

“I do apologize, Miss Stevens. The man insists he wants you to represent him.”

“Certainly, send him in.”

“You may want to come out, Tass.”

Tass? Tassie frowned. Normally Teresa maintained proper decorum and called everyone Mr. or Ms. To call her Tass? Something must be wrong. “What is it?”

“See for yourself, Ms. Stevens. Please.”

Tassie sighed. So focused on her closing arguments, but always willing to add a client. Why in the world did she need to go out there? Tassie smelled him before she saw him. She raised her eyebrows as she looked at Teresa. Teresa ran her hand over her face and returned to her desk.

“Aah, Miss Stevens. Thank you for seeing me.”

Tassie wanted to run. This was not the type of client her firm attracted or serviced. The older man ran his fingers down his long gray beard.

Oh, no, his eyes twinkle like Santa Clause in Miracle on 34th Street. She had watched that movie every year with her mom while growing up. It was a Christmas movie, but her parents always taught her to appreciate the culture she lived in. But the man in the movie didn’t wear a plaid shirt and she doubted he smelled.

She glanced over to Teresa’s desk, hoping she would intervene. Teresa smiled, winked, and looked down. Then it dawned on Tassie: this was a trick to embarrass the rookie. Okay, I’ll play along.

“How may I help you, sir?”

“I would like to discuss a case with you. I’ve met your mother.”

Sure you have.

Tassie kept seeing images of her cousin’s farm, and she was reminded of the smells of cows, pigs, and sheep. It didn’t fit in this high-class office. But this must be her initiation. They would all have a laugh over drinks about what a good sport she was.

“Certainly, please come to my office, and we’ll talk.” Okay, Tass, don’t sound too cheery. Everyone is looking, big eyes, smiling, some even holding their nose. Well, it was fun at my cousin’s farm.

Tassie opened her office door and held out her arm inviting Santa Claus from the farm into her office. She paused before following him in, smiling at everyone observing her. Trying not to chuckle, knowing she was passing the initiation test with flying colors, Tassie started around her desk. She hesitated, then grabbed her legal pad from her desk, rolled the pages to an empty sheet, and sat down facing the man on the same side of the desk. I’ll be kinder, be at his level.

Picking up her pen, she smiled. Hope I can get the smell out of my office. “So, you know my parents, Mr. . . . I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

“Hector, Hector Woodley.” He reached out and patted her arm. Tassie fought not to recoil. “Your father is a very kind man.”

“That, he is,” Tassie agreed. “You know him well?”

Mr. Woodley rubbed his chin. “He may not recall me. Your mother probably would though.”


“Your mother and I visited many years ago, but enough of that. Today is your day.”

“My day?” Tassie crossed her legs and wrote Hector Woodley at the top of the page. “Yes, you need to pay attention to your mother’s interest in the blood moons.”

“What?” Tassie leaned back in her chair and looked straight at Hector. “Who are you and why are you here?” Her face heated.

“Tassie, don’t get upset.” “Mr. Woodley, you may call me Ms. Stevens. You said you needed to speak to me about a case.”

“Yes, yes.” He leaned forward. “There is a very strong case for you to play an important part in keeping this nation safe.”

Tassie stood up. “Mr. Woodley, I will convey your greeting to my parents. I do believe our conversation is over.” Trying not to march, she strode to the door and opened it. Hector remained sitting. “Have a nice day, Mr. Woodley.” She tipped her head toward him.

Nodding, he stood up, ran his hand down his beard again and smiled sweetly. Santa Claus.

“Don’t forget, Tassie.” He walked out the door and down the hall. She stood with her hand on the door knob for a minute, shook her head, and shut the door.

What was that? How did he know my mom was into blood moons? Wait, maybe he’s a security breach. Tassie started to open the door and call for security. Wait, get a grip, Tass. This is not a company issue. She walked around her desk and sat down.

How did he know? Is he a hacker? That doesn’t even make sense. I’ve never written down the words ‘blood moons’. Did my mother put him up to this? Mother drives me nuts at times, but she is too classy to send smelly Santa to my office.

A noise brought Tassie out of her musings. Teresa stood in front of her desk. “Ms. Stevens, are you okay? I’m so sorry I let him in.”

Tassie looked hard at Teresa. “This wasn’t a rookie lawyer initiation? A good laugh for everyone?”

“That has never happened here, Ms. Stevens. Did he scare you?”

“No, he just made no sense. Must have wandered in from the street.”

“I won’t let it happen again. So sorry.” Teresa excused herself, leaving Tassie to her thoughts.

Walking over to the window, Tassie studied the gray sky. Well, no blood moons tonight. A knock came on the door. Tassie turned. The glass window revealed it was the senior partner. She quickly put Hector Woodley out of her mind and opened the door. “Mr. James, I have my closing arguments almost complete. Would you like to look them over?”

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  1. Thank you for being here, Judy. Thank you for sharing an excerpt of your book with readers. It’s sounds very intriguing! I love the title!


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