Friday’s Feature with Carol Raj

The Curious Prayer Life


Muriel Smith


One unlocked car door, one glance to the left, and suddenly seventy-one year old Muriel Smith is hurtling down the road at an alarming thirty miles per hour.

Will the teenage boy who carjacked her really shoot to kill?

Muriel can’t die yet. Not till she’s accomplished something on earth. Not till she’s seen her great grandchild.

But if Muriel Smith’s survival depends on her driving skills, she may not live much longer.

How could God have gotten everything so wrong?

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“The ramp’s coming up, Mrs. B. Put your turn signal on. What’s the matter with you?‛

The ramp was only feet away. Muriel took a deep breath and stepped hard on the gas pedal. She zoomed past the entrance to the highway.

“What? You didn’t even try to turn!” Kevin’s head swiveled as the entrance ramp disappeared.

“I did try to turn, Kevin. Honest. I tried really hard. I just couldn’t do it. I told you. I don’t merge. It scares me.”

Kevin’s voice went up half an octave. “Merging scares you more than my gun? Are you crazy? Didn’t I tell you I’d shoot? You can’t just say you don’t merge. You have to do what I say. That’s how it’s supposed to work.”

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About Carol

Carol Raj has been writing short stories for children for several years. Her first book, a contemporary woman’s novel, was just released 7/26/2019: “The Curious Prayer Life of Muriel Smith.”

Carol was born and raised in the flatland of the Midwest. She now lives in New England – think red maple trees in the fall – with her husband of more than forty years. They have three grown children and the cutest five grandchildren ever.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your book here, Carol! I have to admit, I am hooked! I can’t wait to see what happens to Muriel. She sounds like a fun character. 🙂


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