Friday’s Feature with Stacey Weeks

Today I have Stacey Weeks with me talking about her new book, Fatal Homecoming.

Welcome, Stacey!

Tell us about your favorite character in your new book.

I love Jessie Bern in Fatal Homecoming. She has a never give up tenacious attitude that drives Rick crazy but serves her well.

Do you read the reviews and comments of your readers? How important are reviews to authors?

I read reviews because I want to learn from my readers what I do well and what needs to improve. I mentally prepare myself before reading reviews to not take personal offense at anything critical or allow myself to become puffed up from praise.

How much of yourself do you put into your books?

There is always something of me. Usually the spiritual element is a theological struggle I’ve worked through. In my debut novel, the disastrous haircutting scene actuall happened in my great aunt’s hair salon.

Some people believe that being a published author is glamorous, is that true?

Only if you think getting up hours before my kids to squeeze in writing time, getting caught in my jammies by the Amazon delivery man on days I’m on a streak and don’t want to interrupt the flow of writing, or needing a second income to pay the bills is glamorous.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Have you met any of them and found yourself having a fan-girl moment?

I’ve never had a fan-girl moment with an author because as an author I know we are just normal, ordinary people. But I have been very impressed by a couple who have been willing to respond to questions and random emails like Sandra Orchard (a novelist who invited me to join her writers group when we discovered we lived within 30 minutes of one another) and Christine Hoover (a non-fiction Christian writer who answered a question about launching a non-fiction book and dealing with the fears associated with promotion. She even sent me a link to a podcast that she found very helpful).

What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

There is so much I devote whole category to it on my website.

Read an excerpt

It was murder. She was sure. And that assurance could cost her life.

As Jessie Berns returns to her hometown of Chenaniah River to find answers about her brother’s suspicious death, undercover RCMP officer Rick Chandler poses as a detective in the same small town, investigating the possibility of a corrupt police force.

With Rick’s help, Jessie pursues a truth that someone is willing to do anything to keep hidden—even kill again. They uncover decades-old conspiracies hinting at hidden sins that threaten the lifestyles of numerous people in the small town. As they close in on the devious mastermind manipulating the community, it becomes frighteningly clear that Jessie is the killer’s new target.

Can the pair unravel the labyrinth of secrets to exonerate her brother before the killer gets close enough to Jessie to eliminate the truths that threaten… along with Jessie’s life?

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Paperback: Link will go live on release date. Will connect to the ebook link.

About Stacey

I am from the play-until-the-streetlights-turn-on and come-when-your-father-whistles generation. I’m a cool-off-in-the-sprinkler, drink-straight-from-the-hose, and fish-off-the-pier kind of girl. I’m loyal even when others are not.

I’ve wrestled with brothers, played Barbie with neighbors, and stayed up too late reading just one more chapter. I’m from BIG Sunday dinners, steaming hot tea, and Saturday morning coin-sized pancakes. I grew up with Tupperware, paper bag lunches, Yorkshire pudding, and mashed potatoes.

Lots of mashed potatoes.

My family is a finish-what-you-start, bargain shopping, home cooking, and respect-your-elders kind of family. I am one of four children framed in memories on a wall. I jumped off docks, endured eight-hour trips that took twelve, and sat in the middle bench seat of the family sedan.

I am a wait until you enter the house before driving away kind of mom. I boil the kettle in a crisis, and I know that a job worth doing is worth doing right.

I am a fixer of old things, painter of everything, cleansed and forgiven child of God. I believe that nothing matters more than the Lord Jesus Christ and who I believe He is.

More About Stacey

Stacey Weeks is the multi-award-winning author of Glorious Surrender (2016), inspirational romances The Builder’s Reluctant Bride (2016), Mistletoe Melody (2018), and inspirational romantic suspense novels In Too Deep (2017), and Fatal Homecoming (2019). Stacey lives in Ontario where she speaks at women’s conferences, teaches writing and bible study workshops, and writes about the things of the Lord.

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  1. Loved your bio. Especially the mashed potatoes. Lots of them 🙂 The Fatal Homecoming is sure to be as intriguing and entertaining as the others, Stacey! Good to hang with you here.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Stacey. I agree about the fan-girl moment. Authors tend to be some of the most down-to-earth, giving, and encouraging people. Best wishes for much success with your new novel . I love the premise.

    • Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by. I am almost done reading your book, The Waiting. The only reason I’m not done yet is that our plane was landing and I had to put away all electronics, lol. I’m going to finish it tonight. I love it!

  3. Thank you for being here, Stacey! I loved reading your interview answers, especially about fan girl moments. How true! We’re all in this struggle together! Congratulations on a new release! It’s sounds great!

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